Why did I name my new Limo company “Prada Bags Limousines?”

I did it for two very good reasons: 1) because it sounds so refreshingly  imaginative and creative, so utterly and absolutely different than the names you’ll find for most limousine companies. And 2) because I am a longtime lover of Prada Bags.

When you do a search of the Web for limousine services, what do you usually find?

You find companies that call themselves things like “Crown Limousine,” or “Majestic Limousine,” or “Royal Limousine,” or “Monarch Limousine,” fox denver airport limo etc. etc.

It’s all so predictable! And so totally boring!

But I myself am not a predictable sort of person, and neither am I boring. I am just the opposite of that.

So when I bought my old friend’s limousine company six months ago, the first thing I did was change its name.

My old friend was Mable Townsend, and she inherited the limousine company from her husband Harry, who died about a year ago.

Harry had run the limousine company for more than thirty years. He had made a little money from it, but not a lot, and so Mabel had been after him for years to get rid of all his cars and get into a better paying line of work, selling real estate or something like that.

But Harry didn’t want to do it. He just loved being around cars, fixing them up, washing them and polishing them and keeping them up to snuff. In fact, he loved being around cars more than he loved being around Mabel.

So after he died a year ago, and Mabel inherited all those cars that had to be constantly washed and polished and maintained and fixed, she said to me, “what should I do, Constance? What should I do with all these horrible cars, and all the customer lists and employees that Harry left me?”

And during the few months she kept asking me that, the whole business just started running down into the ground.

So eventually I bought the business from her. And the first thing I did, as I said, was to change its name from “Emerald Limousines,” the name that Harry had created for it, to “Prada Bags Limousines.”

You can’t buy a Prada bag for less than a thousand dollars, of course, and many of them will cost you two thousand dollars or even more, so the name had a strong air of luxury. Don’t you think? I mean, what could be more luxurious sounding than a “Prada Bag Limousine?”

And in addition to that, I myself had more than ten Prada bags in the closets of my estate. I had so many bags that I was known to my friends, including Mabel, as “the Prada Bag Lady.” It was a name that made me proud.

But how did my limousine company do? That’s the question, isn’t it? Did people like the idea of riding in “Prada Bag Limousines?”

Well, I’ll tell you what: I’ll tell you about that in my next post.